Reigate Grammar School Library


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Pupil Librarians

Situated in the heart of the school, the library’s principle aim is to ensure that all pupils make full use of its excellent resources. The wide ranging non-fiction stock is continually revised and updated in consultation with academic staff in order to equip pupils with the best possible materials to inspire and stimulate them in their academic work. Eight PCs allow pupils to access the Internet, CD ROMS and other online resources.
Reading for pleasure is actively encouraged, with current bestsellers as well as classic literature readily available. Pupils can also access daily newspapers and a variety of magazines and journals, as well as dvds, audio books and music cds. The library is busy throughout the day, but the room’s high vaulted ceiling and wooden beams help to foster an atmosphere of calm and quiet.

Don't forget!

The library has subscribed to Grove Art and Grove Music Online. See the Online Resources page for more details.

We also have two personal CD players that you can borrow whilst in the library.