Reigate Grammar School Library


Research Skills


Pupil Librarians

The Library
Students may access the library between 8am and 5pm and the qualified librarian is available during this time to assist them. There is workspace for 40 students as well as 10 additional seats where students can read for pleasure. 8-networked computers, all with Internet connection, are available to pupils throughout the day. The library has a black and white scanner and photocopier. A small charge of 10p per A4 sheet and 20p per A3 sheet is made for photocopying.

The library can be booked for weekly lessons or for one-off research projects. Please see the timetable for details. To book a session please e-mail the librarian.


Library rules

These help to make the library a pleasant place for the whole school community.

Food is forbidden in the library AT ANY TIME. Water is allowed but other drinks OF ANY SORT will be confiscated and may be disposed of.

Space is limited so bags must be placed on the racks provided. DO NOT just leave them at the top of the stairs- they will be confiscated.

Mobile phones must be kept out-of-sight and on "silent" mode so as not to disturb other users.

Quiet should be maintained at all time both in the main and reference library.

Computer games are forbidden AT ALL TIMES!

Books must be returned promptly. Users are expected to respect the stock at all times.

Newspapers and Magazines must not be removed from the library.