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Our new library catalogue


is now installed!


Some searching tips:

You can search for books using the Library catalogue. You can search by author, title, series, keyword and Dewey number.

Access to the catalogue is via the internet. Click onto favourites and scroll down to rgslibrary. Click onto OPAC to begin your search.

There are a number of things to bear in mind while searching the catalogue:

· Be wary of the basic search! It looks for all the words individually so, for example if you type “The Recruit” if looks for all titles with the in them and you will get 1000s of hits!

· Don’t forget synonyms (words with similar meanings) when using keywords – if ship doesn’t work try boat or vessel.

arrow or broaden your search by using Boolean operators. Use the Guided tab to access AND, OR and NOT commands. Try Fantasy AND adventure or swimming OR surfing. Don’t forget to adjust the fields depending on what you’re searching by (author, title, keyword etc)!

It is much quicker to search if you are looking for something specific and you may find things in different parts of the Library. For example there are books on Shakespeare in both the 800s (for literature) and 900s (for history).


OLIVER will search for all resources including books, magazine articles,

Audio books, CD's, DVD's, Graphic novels and related catalogued web sites.