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Updated 17 October 2008

Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE)
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Internet Safety

Many parents contact us with questions about protecting their family when using the Internet. This page endeavours to provide links to useful resources. However, there is one key suggestion that many professionals agree on and that is the location of the PC. Keeping it in an area used by all the family rather than in a bedroom is considered good practice, especially for younger children.

The links are grouped according to audience but all are suitable for viewing by children.




Internet safety

Drug and Alcohol Awareness


Links specifically for parents:

Web sites with links to useful Internet awareness resources

BBC Panorama links on issues touched on in "One Click from Danger"

Internet Safety Zone


Virtual Global Task Force

Virtual Global Task Force

Think you know for parents

Child Expoitation & Online Protection Centre


Home Office Guide "Keep your child safe"
Links for parents and children:
Thinkuknow home page
BBC Chat Guide  
    Childnet International        
  Kidsmart for parents and children            
Links specifically for children:



                Think you know for children                              
                    there 4 me              

Drug and Alcohol Awareness

Talk to Frank
talk to frank
Drugscope       Narcotics Anonymous  

Bullying help

      Childline bullying help   Bullying uk home page
don't suffer in silence      

Popular web based mail accounts often have significant quantities of spam (unsolicited E mail messages) and many of these are adverts for dubious or pornographic sites. is an environmentally friendly portal offering free mail accounts. You may care to try it alongside your existing web based mail account if you use one and decide for yourself if you prefer it


An alternative is to use mail offered by your ISP. Many of these offer virus screening and spam blocking. Ask before you buy!
Internet safety
Drug and Alcohol Awareness
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Please note there are many other websites and some products available, both free and for purchase. These are not recommendations but purely suggestions of websites you may care to try.
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