Volunteering at Schools    

Why volunteer?

When you arrive in the Sixth Form, you suddenly find yourself with lots of study periods and volunteering is a great way to spend some of them. There are lots of placements available at local schools for a variety of purposes: art club, maths help and so on. Students have found their placements highly beneficial, not only through helping younger children but also in providing some light relief away from the pressures of school. Working with young children is a great way to develop communication skills, artistic talents and patience!

Some of the placements this year included:



Reigate Parish School

I've had a great time at my community serivce this year with Grasshoppers at Reigate Parish School. The children were fantastic and everyone was really nice. I've really enjoyed being able to go there on a Friday morning – it’s always a highlight of my week!

Emily Horn

  Reigate St. Mary's This year I have participated in community service by helping with a Reigate St Mary's art club for 9-11 year olds every tuesday after school from 4.10 - 6.00. I have helped them to make model rockets, paint wooden tiles, and use the pottery wheels in the Art rooms here.

Amelia Erratt

  St John's, Redhill

I received a placement at St John's Primary School and found myself in reception class. The teacher was friendly, opening my eyes to making learning fun. Each week a new nursey rhyme or poem was explored and the classroom revamped to accommodate this theme. I really enjoyed my Friday afternoons and found myself looking forward to them. The kids were really lively and fun and I found myself doing all sorts of things such as planting trees to playing a lollipop lady in play time! It was really nice watching their reading and writing skills improve. The school was warm and inviting and the person who takes over my placement is very lucky indeed!

Grace Denley

Holmesdale School   I thoroughly enjoyed going to Holmsedale School every Monday afternoon, and was lucky to have been put in a class of 5 year olds who were always fun and enthusiastic. I spent most of the time helping the teaching assistant with her continuously growing workload, which involved preparation, supervision and artwork, as well as helping the children with reading and sport. I feel that not only did I really gain personally from the experience, but I think that I was some help to such busy and hardworking teachers. I look forward to this September, when I will rejoin the 'Hedgehog's' class again.

Katie Blackburn

Reigate Priory School  
St. Mary's Church Crèche