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What is VInvolved?

This is an organisation centred in YMCA Redhill and offers a wide range of volunteering opportunities. Some of the schemes and opportunities are outlined below, however there are often many new projects which are introduced regularly, so contact them directly for more information. VInvolved also credits you for any volunteering that you have done, no matter what it may be, so it is well worth registering so that any hours you undertake will go to further use in the form of a certificate!

Available Projects

PLAYLEADER: This is a great scheme to learn how to interact with younger children.You are provided with a two days of training, and in this period you are also given further specialist training, for example, St John's First Aid and training on how communicate with induviduals with complex needs. Once you are trained, you can work on days that you are free during the holidays and lead children in play activity. You also get 50 pounds expenses money per a week!

YOUTH RADIO: This is a volunteer run radio station where teenagers are able to broadcast sessions of whatever they please. This is ideal for any budding Journalists and anyone who wants to seek a career in broadcasting.

ART WORK: There are many art and craft opportunities, including painting a number of skips! This is a way to express your internal artist, and make public structures look a whole lot more interesting.

SPONSORED HIKES: There is a number of walks available, of varying lengths throughout the UK. This is a great opportunity to meet others and appreciate the great British countryside.

How to get involved?

A VInvoved representative will visit the school at some point to explain schemes further, and answer any questions you may have.

You can also visit YMCA Redhill, or alternatively phone 01737 784970 for further information. Their website is

Please feel free to talk to me, Sayinthen Vivekanantham in the Upper Sixth, for any further details about any of the volunteering opportunities.

Artwork on Public Buildings