New Cadets

The CCF is open to boys and girls at RGS who have had their 14th birthday.  We welcome new cadets in the latter part of the 3rd form, although pupils may join later, space permitting.

What is the purpose of CCF?

The CCF seeks to develop the following characteristics in young people;

A sense of public service
Self reliance

All our activities are designed to be safe, rewarding and fun.  Cadets will learn valuable skills, appropriate to the section they join.  RAF section cadets will learn the principles of flight  and have the opportunity to fly in a Grob Tutor and glide in a Viking or Vigilant  Glider. Army Cadets will develop marksmanship and navigation and spend time on army training areas learning fieldcraft, survival skills and basic military tactics. RN Cadets will develop seamanship skills and spend time afloat in a variety of craft. Each section will have opportunities to join in activities one might associate with the other two Sections, such as dinghy sailing, shooting and field-exercises. Recruiting to the Armed Services is not an aim of the CCF.

When do you meet?

Cadets "parade" at 4:00pm on most Tuesdays in school term-time.  They are dismissed at 5.30pm.  When we go off site we finish later.  There are some lunchtime meetings in the early stages of membership, to practice drill and prepare for the weapon handling safety test.

What financial outlay is involved?

Membership of the CCF is very good value for cadets who take the opportunities available in the Section.  We charge a deposit of £40 for the uniform which is issued to cadets.  All items are provided except black shoes and black socks, which, in any case, are part of school uniform. Cadets may at some stage be required to purchase boots of an approved design. When items of uniform wear out, or are out-grown, they are exchanged without charge.  Providing all items are returned when your son or daughter leaves the CCF, the deposit is returned. There is an additional small charge made towards certification for first aid training, which is an integral part of our CCF syllabus. 

Charges for activities are kept very low indeed, and we are able to do this because of MOD funding.  Costs hardly bear comparison with the cost of attending commercially organised courses!

What level of personal commitment is required?

The CCF is a voluntary organisation run for the benefit of the cadets in it.  If your son or daughter joins, he or she should expect to remain in it for the rest of their school career.  If your child joins and find he or she does not enjoy the activities, or that changing circumstances make it difficult to attend parades, he or she should speak to me.  Cadets are, of course, free to leave if they wish to; the CCF is not for everyone!  If a cadet cannot attend a particular parade, a note informing the CO is required, the day before the missed parade.

Cadets are required to maintain their uniform in good order, and wear it for parades.

What do Cadets do?

Broadly, there are four categories of activities in the RAF Section:

1. Parade Days.  On Tuesday afternoons our activities are largely governed by the weather and the amount of light available.  In the Summer we often arrange outdoor activities such as orienteering, camp craft and communications tasks. In the Winter we get as much syllabus work done as possible.  This includes studying airmanship, weapons handing, principles of flight and first aid.  Drill and  leadership exercises are year-round features of our programme.  There are occasional tests, and cadets who pass these can be promoted.

2. Field Days.  On at least two school days in the year, CCF Sections are able to visit establishments and enjoy a full day's programme.  We typically fly at RAF Benson for our October Field Day which may include base visits to the Griffin helicopters or the Chinook simulator.  The June Field Day is sometimes spent shooting at a range, or  raft building and sailing at an outdoor activities centre which is broadly within the category of  “adventurous training”.

3. Special Camps ,Courses and Socials.  These might include a Leadership Course, Gliding or Flying Scholarships, Germany Camp, Cyprus Camp or  Air Navigators Course.  We can take part in Contingent activities such as shooting competitions and field exercises.  We have social events at the end of every term leading up to a Pizza Party for the winning flight at the end of the summer term.

4. Summer Camp. This offers a fantastic opportunity for a cadet to experience life on an RAF Base.  The week long residential course includes activities such as flying, gliding, out-door range shooting, section visits on base and night exercises.  The week is both tiring and rewarding. The cadets are divided into flights and a competition throughout the week ends with a drill competition  and awards ceremony on the final day. Strong friendships are formed amongst RGS cadets and cadets from around the country.


1. Parade Days. Each cadet is expected to attend all parades, or provide a note if absence is unavoidable. During parade time cadets learn about the subjects in their training syllabus. Most parades have a part of time devoted to drill. Leadership training is carried out through Command Tasks or Personal Leadership Tests. During the summer months most of the training is carried out outdoors. The programme is kept as varied and as enjoyable as possible. The greater part of the activities and training are planned by the staff but conducted by the senior cadets.

How does my son or daughter go about joining the CCF!

Please obtain a form from Commander Powell.  This should be returned with a cheque for £40 made payable to "Reigate Grammar School CCF" which constitutes the uniform deposit described above.  Your child will be given a Record of Service Book for you to fill in, and be shown where he or she should go to collect uniform, and informed when the first parade is.


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