GCSE Art and Design

GCSE Art and Design is available to all those pupils who have enjoyed and profited from the course in the lower and middle school. The subject at this level is demanding in time and personal initiative. It is not for those who would regard it as a soft option, since it is not easy to achieve a good grade in this subject.

Although the pupil choosing this option does not necessarily have to be outstandingly able, he or she should be aware that it will be necessary for them to explore in a variety of media, working with an open mind about how a piece of work might be developed.

In contrast to the lower/middle school course, GCSE Art and Design is run as a linear course. The groups stay with one teacher throughout the course.

The emphasis for the GCSE Art and Design course is on the process of developing both ideas and work. Central to this is the work journal which is used to record ideas, research, supporting studies and work showing the development of your ideas leading to one or more outcomes - usually a final piece.


Examples of year 10 GCSE work:

Examples of year 11 GCSE work:


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