In September 2007 we hosted a group of 12 and 13 year old rugby players from Kenya. Their homes are in Kibera, sometimes described as the largest slum in Africa. The boys were here to compete in an international tournament against players from similar circumstances. An U14 team from RGS distinguished themselves by winning the shadow tournament, in a final played at Richmond RFC. However, we gained so much more from the experience of getting to know our young visitors.

“I have really enjoyed having Kenyan boys to stay in my home.”

“I imagine that this experience must have been quite frightening at first, but they settled in well to a completely different culture. They have bravely tried new foods: they loved Starbucks, and now know that McDonald isn’t a famous film actor!”

“They have quickly become skilled on play station.”

“It has been an incredible experience for all of us as we have learned so much from each other.”

Compiled from comments by Third Form hosts.

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