Geographers in Belize

In October 2007 a group of 30 geographers travelled to Belize in Central America for a tropical ecology experience. We divided our time between the rainforest to the west of the country and an island (caye) on the western hemisphere’s longest barrier reef. There were so many highlights to our amazing experience, but these included:
interaction with creatures such as howler monkeys, crocodiles and tarantulas
canoeing and kayaking in mangrove swamps
visiting the habitats of endangered yellow-headed parrots
viewing the forest canopy from the top of Mayan pyramids
meeting local villagers
snorkelling with rays and nurse sharks

We have established what we hope will be a lasting link with Our Lady of Sorrows School, and we are currently fund-raising to purchase sustainable products such as wind-up torches and solar-powered lighting in order to support the forest field station where there is now an RGS tree.

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