Student password changes

Over the next few months we shall be forcing a password change for various groups of students.

The first group will be the lower School (1st, 2nd and 3rd years) and this will be changed on Tuesday 8th May during the evening. Students will therefore not be able to access e mails or files after this until they have changed their password which they are unable to do from home.


On Wednesday morning or whenever the student next logs in the system will force a password change when the student logs on. The new password is to be chosen by the student but must comply with the following rules.


  1. be at least 6 characters long;
  2. must have a mix of upper and lower case letters;
  3. must also have at least one numeral
  4. Must not use your initials, first name or surname

(for example Reigate12 or 12reigATE would both be allowed, but not Reigate or reigate22).

You will need to reset your password three times a year. It will not be possible to re-use old passwords. It is good practice to use a different password from one that you have used for other purposes.