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Lost Property

Below is a list of items currently held. These items will be kept until February Half-Term.

Please contact Mr Hallpike for further details

Updated 3rd September 2015.

RGS Lost Property
Below is a list of items currently held. These items will be kept until October Half-Term. Please contact Mr Hallpike for further details
Lost Property available for collection at lunchtime 1:45 - 2:05 from Room 10/Workshops
Broderick Swim Kit Red String Bag
Dhillon Swim Kit Red Simply Sports Bag
Sophie Swim Kit Black Kappa Bag
D.Herron Swim Kit Blue Sketchers Bag
T.Weber Swim Kit Blue Team GB Bag
A. Corbett PE Kit Blue O'Neill Bag
D.Wigfield PE Kit Blue/Red Spedo Bag
J.Woolfrey   Black Superdry Rucsac
Sofia   Music Shoulder Bag
A.Weise   Black/Yellow Adidas Bag
F. Nasskau PE Kit Black Rucsac
E.Sykes   Blue Nike Holdall
F.Slater   Black/Grey String Bag
B.Turrington   Black No Fear Rucsac
N.Johnson   Black/Blue Borderline Holdall
E.Greenwood   Blue it Luggage Holdall
F.Petitt   Blue Hawthorns Duffle Bag
S.Bracco   Blue Nike Holdall
L.Morris   Black TW String Bag
O.Hammond Swim Kit Sweaty Betty Bag
Maxwell   Black/Grey Nike Holdall
D.Edwards   Black 'Dance' Holdall
D.Telford   Blue Nike Holdall
H. Mendall   Brown Nike Holdall
T.Fredrick   Black/Blue Duke Holdall
V.Butt Swim Kit Black/Yellow Active Bag
T.Ruehland   Black Rucsac
J.Roberts   Purple Rucsac
C.Johnson   Pink' Rucsac
A.Dhaliwal   Black Nike Holdall
S.Clarke Swim Kit Blue String Bag
A.Jasir PE Kit Black String Bag
N.Hunt   Black/White Rucsac
H.Broderick   Blue Nike Holdall
S.Webb   Black Nike Holdall
Strudwick   Grey Nike Holdall
T.Box   Black/Red it Rucsac
H.Watson   Blue Ted Baker Bag
P.Field   Black 'Flight Safety' Holdall
J.Allen Swim Kit Blue/Black String Bag
E.Turner   Red String Bag
D.James   Black/Red Diadora Bag
Archer   Black/Grey Nike Holdall
D.Cross Swim Kit TGO String Bag
Coyle PE Kit M&S Bag
A.Muir   Red Music Tote Bag
O.Anderson   Adidas GBR Bag
S.Brill   Black 'Mellon' String
E.Shires   Blue/Black 'Fazer' Holdall
E.Coleman   RSM Duffle Bag
F.Nasskau   Green 'Firetrap' Rucsac
E.Russ   Black 'HYPE' Rucsac
Bushell   Black Umbro String Bag
O.Simms Swim Kit Black Tempo Bag
K.Bliss Swim Kit Pink Maru Bag
  Un-Named Bags  
  Black Puma String Girl PE Kit
  Black Skyflight Holdall Boy PE Kit
  Pink Under Armour Holdall Girl PE Kit
  Purple Jan Sport Rucsac Boy PE Kit
  Blue Nike Holdall Boy Swim Kit
  Blue 'Mi' Rucsac Girl PE Kit
  Black Puma Holdall Boy
  Blue 'Gilly Hicks' Girl PE Kit
  Discovery Bay Pirates Duffle Girl PE Kit
  Purple Adidas Holdall Girl PE Kit