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Lost Property


Lost Property
It is important that all items of kit and clothing including coats, shoes, home clothes that may be worn at school or on school trips as well as personal supplies such as pencil cases are named in order that misplaced items may be easily be reclaimed. Parents will be emailed periodically with details of named items.


·        Hartswood items will be brought back to school every week and taken to the Porters.
·        Items on the school site will be collected by the cleaning team on the first day of the Easter and Summer holidays. These will be sorted into named and unnamed items. Periodically, the Cleaning Manager will email parents of the named items to let them know when they can collect them.


Return of items to students
The Porters will store lost items. Students or parents may collect these lost items from the Porters' Desk at morning break every day.
·        Named items: may be easily reunited with owners.
·        Unnamed items: may be collected but students will be asked to pay a charitable donation of 50p as encouragement to name all items.


Disposal of uncollected items
A week into the Autumn and Summer terms, the Cleaning Manager will contact the PFA to arrange collection of all unclaimed school uniform and sports kit to replenish the stock for the second-hand uniform sales. All other items will be recycled.