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Updated 4 February 2013

This page should help you to keep up to date with some common issues and assist you
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There are often hoax viruses doing the rounds which encourage you to delete files that are in fact needed to run Windows. They also warn you of "problems" and encourage you to e mail all your friends with this warning. They are intended to generate increased traffic and are not usually viruses or security issues. If you receive an message requesting you to e mail all your friends it is almost certain to be a hoax, albeit perhaps well intentioned, and is best ignored. Click here to check for hoaxes, courtesy of Sophos



Fake antivirus software link information is here.

Mobile phone viruses have now arrived. Many spread by Bluetooth. Apps are available from the Android store, a popular one is AVG which is free

It is becoming increasingly important to keep your system up to date, to protect from the latest exploits.

Never open e mail attachments unless you know and trust the sender. Even then be circumspect as sender addresses are often spoofed Always be suspicious of e mails offering you free software or asking you to click on links to other sites. You could be inviting someone to damage your PC by allowing them to run code on your machine.

Beware of invitations to collect tax refunds, claim prizes, or collect packages you have not ordered. Never enter any personal details requested in an unsolicited e mail as these are invariably hoaxes.

Keep viruses at bay with up to date antivirus software. Check it is updating. It should never be more than a week old. If it is do a manual update. Make sure you keep your subscription up to date if you have paid-for software. You can infect your PC purely by reading an infected E mail. Turn off the preview pane if you use Outlook or Outlook Express as your E mail client.

If you do not have an antivirus solution on your home PC get one today. A free antivirus program is AVG by Grisoft available from their website at the following link. Alterrnatively upgrade to their paid for solution. http://free.avg.com/


  The Internet Traffic Report monitors the flow of data around the world. It then displays a value between zero and 100. Higher values indicate faster and more reliable connections.



Consider a Firewall if you have an "always on" Internet connection or if you spend significant amounts of time on line. A free software version is Zone Alarm. Alternatively if you have Windows 7 turn on the Windows Firewall (a setting in Control Panel)

AVG download

Recent viruses may not spread by attachments, purely visiting an infected website is sufficient to infect your machine if you do not have ant-virus software

Latest anti virus information from Sophos

Spoofing is falsifying the senders address in an e mail.
  Keep up to date with Windows updates and patches Care this process can take a long time (several hours) for non Broadband users. Windows XP users may find that this procedure is already set up and automated. Click on Start , Programs, Windows Updates. There are reported security loopholes with Microsoft Media Player versions 8 and lower. Ensure you keep up to date by running Microsoft updates. Similarly with Adobe Acrobat. Update to the latest version here.

Spyware is especially prevalent today. It can hijack your home page, send information about your browsing habits and even cause Internet Explorer to crash. Adaware by Lavasoft (freeware) may help to resolve this. An alternative or additional programme which may be of use is SpyBot which disables much spyware that Adaware doesn't catch. Running both may offer greater protection. Whether you choose one or both don't forget to keep them up to date.


Popular web based mail accounts often attract significant quantities of spam (unsolicited E mail messages) and many of these are adverts for dubious or pornographic sites. www.care2.com is an environmentally friendly portal offering free mail accounts. You may care to try it alongside your existing web based mail account if you use one and decide for yourself if you prefer it


            An alternative is to use mail offered by your ISP. Many of these offer virus screening and spam blocking. Examples are Btopenword, Globalnet, and Virgin

Please note there are many other products available, both free and for purchase. These are not recommendations but purely suggestions of products and websites you may care to try.
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